Al Burlini AIA Scholarship Fund – A scholarship award has been established by a generous gift from the Cornerstone Building Foundation. Al Burlini was one of the first winners of the Cornerstone Architect of the Year award and a staunch supporter of architectural education. He was a member of the class ’63, the second class to graduate with degrees in architecture from the University of Arizona. The Cornerstone Building Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the architecture, engineering and construction industries and professions. This scholarship shall reward excellence in Architecture academic achievement in keeping with the goals and mission of the Cornerstone Building Foundation.

Robert & Dee Herschberger Foreign Travel Scholarship Fund – With initial gifts from the Cornerstone Building Foundation, Arizona Builders’ Alliance, Robert and Deanna Hershberger and distinguished alumni and friends of CAPLA, this scholarship endowment provides funding for an undergraduate student in the School of Architecture to travel to a foreign country to study noteworthy exterior urban places. Robert Hershberger, Professor and Dean Emeritus of the School and a founding member of the Cornerstone Building Foundation, believes that first hand experience with the architecture of urban centers outside the United states is a critical part of an architectural education. The intention is that students will use the information gathering skills of literature search, interviewing and observation (types) learned in architectural programming to gain understanding of the design decisions that help create successful urban spaces/places.

Philip W. Dinsmore FAIA Scholarship Fund – Gifts from family and friends of Philip W. Dinsmore to honor the contributions he made to the profession of architecture. the community of Tucson and the School of Architecture at the University of Arizona. He graduated from the University of Arizona in Architecture in 1965. Phil Dinsmore is regarded as an architect of national stature. His award-winning buildings grace communities through-out the state. Phil Dinsmore served his profession with honor on the national board of the AIA for 12 years. Phil was always looking out for the architecture students of the University of Arizona. His concern for the well-being of students led him to make a planned gift in 1983. His gift now serves as the foundation of this scholarship. He gave back to the college in many other ways as well, including volunteer teaching, serving as a critic of student work and as mentor to many students. He served with distinction on the College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture Board of Advisers and College of Architecture Partners Board.

Harold Pedersen AIA Scholarship Fund – This scholarship has been established through the generous gifts from friends and family of Harold S. Pedersen and supporters of the philosophies espoused by Harold during his life and work. Harold S. Pedersen, AIA, was an architect in general practice in Tucson from 1971 to 2003. He was a principal of the firm he co-owned with his wife Joyce H. Pedersen, for 31 years. Harold was a well-rounded practitioner, who was competent in all aspects of the architectural profession. He could easily size a beam, lay out an electrical panel or develop a construction cost estimate. He recognized that much of what one needs to know in architecture, one learns on the job. He adopted and enjoyed the role of teacher and mentor. Over the years, he was a mentor to scores of young architects. The intent of this scholarship is both to encourage students to look beyond architectural design to the entire realm of what architecture embodies, and to promote mentoring in the architecture profession. The person selected for this scholarship should have a willingness to share his or her knowledge and should be prepared to make a commitment to mentoring others later in his or her career.

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NAWIC Scholarships – The Tucson Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction offers two different types of funding for schooling and continuing education for women and men of the community employed or interested in joining the trades.   Additionally, we offer a Scholarship program with the Cornerstone Building Foundation Charities and with funding from our Shirley Dail Endowment Fund including continuing education opportunities, as well as job requirement tool funding. Scholarship funding requirements and applications are downloadable for your review.

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Apprenticeship and Training Program Scholarships – Finding the right job can be tough, and the options can be confusing. But what if there were an option that enabled you to earn while you learn? An option that gave you qualifications that could lead to a lifelong career in the construction industry?  Construction is one of the few industries where you can start at ground level and work your way to the top, where you get paid as you learn a skill, and where you can get a good job just about anywhere you go.